Monday, February 27, 2006

Exercise Helps Moderate Depression

Research has shown that exercise, and it's well known physical benefits, is an effective and under used treatment for mild to moderate depression. It has been proven to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, ease depression, boost self esteem and improve sleep if done on a regular basis.
Researchers at Duke University studied those suffering from depression for four months. They found that 60 percent who exercised three times a week overcame their depression with out the use of medication. Even without depression, people can get substantial mental health benefits. Even short workouts can help lower sadness, tension and anger. One reason exercise helps depression is the role it plays with the brain chemical serotonin, which regulates such things as appetite and mood. Regular exercise can alter your levels of serotonin and can lead to improved feelings of well being. Studies have also sown that those who continue to exercise have a greater chance of their depression not returning. But if symptoms are severe, you should seek professional help.

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