Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Good Reason for Stress?

Stress is often talked about in bad terms. One example is that it is true that sustained stress is harmful to your health. Stress can contribute to insomnia, depression, anxiety, obesity, heart disease, and other problems.
But according to the April 2005 issue of Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource, momentary or acute stress may actually boost your immune system, promote longevity and can help you meet life's challenges. Face it, life without stress would be boring. Manageable levels of stress make a challenging task exciting and can increase your potential productivity and success. Stress is neither good or bad. But the positive or negative effects of stress depend on the amount you are able to tolerate.
A way to help prevent stress overload is to choose positive and meaningful activities over those that can cause an unnecessary emotional load. For those unavoidable stressors, such as trauma or loss, you can learn constructive ways to deal with them by focusing on those factors you can control. This could include taking care of yourself through diet and exercise, maintaining a positive approach and seeking professional help when needed.

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