Monday, August 28, 2006

Remove Tonsils, Get Rid of Adhd?

Children who have their tonsils removed are more likely to improve behaviorally and less likely to display ADHD symptoms, recent University of Michigan Health System research shows.

Researchers say their findings show a growing amount of evidence indicating that children with inattention, hyperactivity, or sleepiness during the day may benefit from a tonsillectomy.

In this study, 22 children were diagnosed with ADHD at the start. 50 percent of the children no longer displayed ADHD symptoms one year later after the tonsillectomy.
Researchers link disrupted sleep and breathing problems to ADHD symptoms. Interruptions in sleep cause the brain to wake up, often without the person realizing it. These interruptions are believed to affect the child's behavior throughout the day.

Tonsillectomies were once as common as ADHD is now. In past decades over a million children received tonsillectomies. Tonsillectomies are now performed on a few hundred thousand children each year. Maybe not so coincidental, this research points out, is that ADHD rates continues to climb.

Based on these findings, researchers urge parents of children with behavioral problems to look first for possible sleep problems before placing an ADHD label on the child and resorting to amphetamine drugs.

Children who snore or have other nighttime breathing problems should be thoroughly evaluated for sleep problems. If sleep problems are evident, parents should consider a tonsillectomy.


Anonymous said...

Does this article pertain to children with ADD also? My son does NOT have the hyperactivity but definitely has the ADD part.

Any help?

The Kids said...

ADHD Sucks I wish tere was a Way to get stupid rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Im not Normal I have ADHD and I have a deppresion disorder and I just cant do it anymore I cant deal with it I want to be Normal

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: What is normal? My brother was diagnoised as Bi-polar with mild schizophrenia. He also suffers from OCD. He stopped taking the meds and changed his diet (more all natural), got lots of sunshine and 'green time,' increased his vitamins. All of this after attempting to take his own life. Please seek help. You can overcome the feelings you have.

Anonymous said...

I have ADHD and i hate it ADHD went away now it back married two kids i keep grabbing my wife by the thought then changing back and she finds it hard to understand so do i i love her to peices i will lose them i f i dont lose ADHD for me me lifes better With Me Wife So Uck Off ADHD You Aint Wanted "You Know What I mean"
wish it were easyer to stop on new meds aint working i had a break down today i smacked my daughter when i went into a rage even with adhd shes 7 what kind of dad can do that full stop shame on my im disgusted with myself considering leaving for there safety i cant help myself.
Please god dont make me sane just get rid of adhd.

Anonymous said...

That isn't ADHD, you sound bipolar...