Monday, July 23, 2007

Men with Postpartum Depression- It Happens

Research was performed on more than 5,000 two-parent families, revealing that 14% of mothers and 10% of fathers had symptoms of moderate to severe postpartum depression. Parents were asked to complete a questionnaire, and were interviewed to prove whether they did or did not have depression. Observing parent-child interactions, such as reading, story-telling, and singing songs is important, because lack of interaction is a sign of depression in either parent.

Health care providers often blame postpartum depression on the hormonal changes that occur in women after childbirth. Hormone upheaval can contribute to postpartum depression. Life upheavals that occur with having a baby can also contribute to depression. Fatigue, marital discord, strained finances and a lack of social support are other factors suspected to play a role in this type of depression.

According to Mental Health America, postpartum depression can begin any time after childbirth and can last up to a year. Symptoms include sadness, fatigue and hopelessness. The person experiencing postpartum depression might have drastic changes in mood and appetite, be excessively preoccupied with their baby's health or have thoughts of harming the baby

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