Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Low Dopamine in Children

Recent research from Stockholm University in Sweden has found that ADHD children and below-average achievers, in general, benefit from background noise.Three surprising results point out that background noise stimulates the brain to function better.

It improves:
1. Concentration
2. Memory
3. School achievement.

Research also showed that children without ADHD may distrub their brain with too much irrelevant stimulation and lower their ability to concentrate or remember as well as children with ADHD.This discovery was a surprise since previous research stated ADHD children were easily distrubed with background noise.

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Anonymous said...

My son (11th grade) has been diagnosed with ADD (no H) and anxiety. He also stutters, so medication solutions seem difficult to manage both. He has hypersensitive hearing and can not get his attention to task/ writing/ thinking to get in gear without listening to familiar music--loud enough to drown out background noise. So, yes, "noise" helps him attend, but only a certain type. This has created difficulties in school, where headphones/ IPODS are banned. The hypersensitivity to sound is the most difficult to live with-- it's not "noisy" environments, but certain pitches.What do you all think?