Monday, February 07, 2005

We love Mozart!

Biofeedback, a "physical therapy" or sorts for the brain, has long been known to help people with ADD and ADHD. A recent study now shows a way to beef up the ADD and ADHD benefits of biofeedback; add a little Mozart to the biofeedback therapy.

In a recent 2004 controlled study of 19 ADD children and adolescents, one group listened to recordings of Mozart during brain wave biofeedback sessions three times weekly. The control group underwent biofeedback without music. The group that listened to Mozart displayed better focus and mood control, diminished impulsivity and improved social skill. Among the subjects that improved, 70 percent maintained that improvement six months after the end of the study without further training.

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Edward-xzsoj3a2q said...

Good stuff partner. Have you heard about this guy that built these crazy microscopes so he could view living viruses at huge magnification? Royal Rife - he went on to figure out how to eliminate cancer with electronic frequencies back in the 1930s.