Tuesday, December 27, 2005

ADHD Drug Cylert Too Dangerous

According to the Food and Drug Administration, liver problems with Abbott Laboratories Inc’s discontinued ADHD drug Cylert and other generic versions, are too dangerous for the U.S. market. This means that drug manufacturers can no longer produce generic versions of pemoline. Abbott Laboratories discontinued the drug earlier this year, but generic versions have remained available. The FDA said it is not recalling the drug. This will allow pharmacies to sell their remaining stock as doctors switch patients to alternative treatments. The lack of a recall caused concern from consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. Drs. Sidney Wolfe and Peter Lurie, who lead the organization’s Health Research Group, called the FDA and the involved companies reckless and insensitive to the health and lives of children and adults using this drug. The FDA made the statement that during the thirty years the drug has been available, it has thirteen reports of liver failure resulting in transplant or death among those who too it. According to them, the number is well above what the normal rate is such problems are among the general population. They conclude that the risk of liver failure outweighs the potential benefits, noting that other stimulants have been produced and don’t cause the problems pemoline does.

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