Thursday, December 15, 2005

When Your Job Has You Stressed, See Your Spouse

New research shows that a supportive spouse can help calm the negative effects of job stress, especially high blood pressure. A study of 216 men and women found that after one year, job stress and the lack of a supportive spouse had their blood pressure rising 2.8 mm Hg in systolic pressure. However, those volunteers who had spousal support showed a decrease in their systolic pressure by 2.5 mm Hg.

Researchers say the key is "marital cohesion" - basically the ability to talk things over on a daily basis. An attentive spouse who pays atttention to their partner's needs, is a good sympathizer and is willing to spend time with their spouse is a gem.

This study should alert those with a high stress job and/or low marital cohesion to get a blood pressure screening. For those who had a "harmonious" relationship that is deteriorating, a check with a counselor might also be in order.

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