Thursday, March 02, 2006

7 Memory Boosters

If your memory has been less than perfect recently, don't despair. Most of us experience a mild decline usually in our 30's and 40's and up to 15 percent that are older than 65 develop Alzheimer's disease.
Right now, there's plenty you can do to ward of cognitive problems. Some believe that the key is to challenge your mind, improve your diet and be smart about supplements you take. Some can lead to a drastic improvement in memory and mental functioning. Better brain builders include 1.) Get enough sleep. Too little can impair your recollection. Aim at getting seven to nine hours each night. 2). Note smells whenever possible. Scent has the ability to trigger memory. Researchers reported that adults who were shown images along with a scent, ere better at remembering then those who didn't. 3). Researchers at the University of New Castle in the U.K. found that drinking green or black tea might inhibit certain enzymes in the brain that are associated with memory decline. 4). If lately your mind seems fuzzy, ask your doctor to check your homocysteine levels in your blood. Studies have tied high levels to memory loss. Reversing this effect could be as easy as increasing your vitamin B intake. 5). Think of your ind as a muscle. If it doesn't get regular exercise, it will get stiff and slow. Good mind strengthening games include crossword puzzles, board and card games, and even computer games like Tetris. 6). Don't forget to eat the good fats. Omega-3, which is found mostly in fish, nourish brain cells and help regulate brain chemicals. 7). Your brain also needs nutrients to function properly. You should be eating a balanced diet and taking a multivitamin. Eat vegetables that contain antioxidants. One study that found that when vitamins E and C were taken together in supplements, they had the potential to prevent Alzheimer's by fighting memory damaging free radicals in the brain.

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