Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fast Mood Fixer

I’m sure you’ve read several times in the past that exercise can help lift your mood. But now researchers at the University of Texas in Austin have discovered that a thirty minute walk can give you a temporary lift from major depression also. Their study included forty men and women who were recently diagnosed with major depression. They were asked to walk on a treadmill or sit in a comfy chair. After a half hour, both groups had fewer negative feelings, which included fatigue, anger, and tension. But those who exercised said that they actually felt good. They received an 85 percent boost in vigor and a 40 percent improvement in overall well-being that lasted about an hour.
Previous studies have shown that by doing aerobic exercise, the brain’s serotonin levels increased. The subjects also got an extra boost of accomplishment by just knowing they did something good for themselves.

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