Friday, June 16, 2006

"Sticks and Stones" Saying Wrong-Names Can definitely Hurt You

Study findings published in the Journal of Affective Disorders state that those who are verbally abused as children grow up to be self-critical adults prone to depression and anxiety. Researchers at Florida State University studied data on 5,614 people aged between 15 and 54. They found that people who were verbally abused had 1.6 times as many symptoms of depression and anxiety as those who had not been verbally abused and were twice as likely to have suffered a mood or anxiety disorder over their lifetime. To assess self-criticism, researchers asked the participants to respond to statements such as, "I dwell on my mistakes more than I should", and "There is a considerable difference between how I am now and how I would like to be." Those who had been verbally abused were more likely to be self-critical than those who were not.

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student said...

That makes perfect sense, but is there any diiferences from their brains and a normal unabused brain ? Can verbal, physical, or even emotional abuse, cause permenient brain damage? Are their any studies related to this?

I have been a victim to verbal and emotional abuse. I also know that depression,diabeties and bipolar disorder are found frequently in my family as well. I am curious to know how much of it was there at birth (ADD, bipolar disorder, OCD), and how much was attributed to my envionment. Is there any information about this yet?