Monday, November 20, 2006

Is It ADD or Are You Just Busy?

Adult ADD is not an onset condition. The condition was either undiagnosed as a child, or the symptoms currently experienced as an adult are not ADD. If you are impatient, easily distracted, impulsive or are overbooked, your problem could be ADD or just a normal reaction to multitasking. A person who can't remember where they put the keys does not necessarily have dementia. Someone who has trouble paying attention does not necessarily have ADD.

A fine line exists between adult ADD or just plain old busy lifestyles and multi-tasking. In today's multisensory culture that also supports distractiveness, people have to question the cause of the problem. Whether the problem is ADD or a busy lifestyle, great ways to help relieve symptoms are having some quiet time, exercising, using homeopathic remedies, and even meditation.

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