Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ADD- With or Without Medication?

So many kids these days are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. According to a new study by the National Association of School Psychologists, catching ADD early on may make it possible to reduce symptoms. The most important tool for this is structure. Environmental management is what they are calling it, as it relates to ADD. 30% of preschool aged children with ADD improved with no medication at all, according to a new study. Changing the routine, diet, and overall family atmosphere can make a huge difference. A few more examples are monitoring sugar intake, a strict bedtime, and more structure throughout the day. Proactive parenting and education makes it possible to tackle ADD and make medication a last resort.

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Julieta said...

I am interested in knowing more details about controlling ADD by paying attention to sugar intake, general diet and everything.

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bs/1. I wonder if someone here are experienced "Attend" herbal medicine from VAXA or Amoryn for children or teenage (girl). Any other herbal alternative?
2.Chiropractic for children: Is it possible?