Friday, August 31, 2007

Non-Medical Interventions For ADHD

Non-Medical Interventions are an option with ADHD. According to one U.S. study, non-medical interventions can help prevent academic and behavior problems due to ADHD. The early intervention techniques use highly individualized programs, relying mostly on positive support to reinforce good behavior. This technique is simply known as positive reinforcement. When using a variety of early intervention techniques, an average 17% decrease in aggression and a 21% improvement in social skills was reported by the children's parents. The children's teachers reported a 28% improvement in both of those categories. Literacy skill improved up to 3 times over the baseline status. The multi-tiered approach to the early intervention offers more traditional services to at-risk children, and a more intensive service to children in greater need. While medicines might address symptoms of ADHD, it does not necessarily improve a child's academic and social skills.

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