Thursday, April 06, 2006

PLEASE Read If You're On Adderall

I'm sure that most of you have seen a lot of stories pertaining to the terrible side effects of Adderall. This is a very powerful stimulant that you mostly hear side effect stories from children who are on it. Well, today, I couldn't believe what I heard from a wonderful person who just recently purchased Attend for her son. She is trying to win a battle against her son's doctors and teachers who are telling her that he needs to be on prescription medication; prescription medication that took the life of a child she knew. But what's even more tragic was that it wasn't the child who was on Adderall-it was his mother. When the first trial against the makers of Adderall was taking place, she was there telling her story about how she had killed her seven year old son during a psychotic episode she had because of Adderall. I know these types of stories are very rare, but it's so shocking when you do hear one. I'm not saying that everyone on Adderall is going to have a psychotic episode. What I am saying is that everyone responds differently to medications, no matter what it is. All I hope is to try to make more people aware and hope they'll take a little more time doing research, finding alternatives, if possible, and getting more than one doctors opinion. No one should die because they have ADHD.

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