Monday, April 17, 2006

Why Be a Yogi?

I recently received this from a realtor mailing and thought you might enjoy it.

Why Be a Yogi?

Not only can yoga help you stay fit and improve your posture, but it can also relieve stress and improve your concentration. Thinking about becoming a yogi? Read on and you'll likely be convinced:

-Relieves stress: The breathing techniques, stretches, and poses used in yoga will help you cope with life's challenges both personally and professionally.

-Builds strength: Yoga will tone your body, but you will also be gaining muscle strength, improving your endurance, and sharpening your balance.

-Improves concentration: After participating in yoga for a while, you are likely to find that your attention span will increase significantly.

-Increases self-acceptance: When you pay closer attention to what your body is doing and what it is capable of doing, you will learn to stop judging yourself and you'll respect yourself more.

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