Friday, September 01, 2006

Breathing Exercises

In a blue mood? Simple breathing exercises can help brighten your day. Although meditation has been the long hailed cure for depression, researchers are now looking at pranayam - a specific set of breathing exercises - to achieve better results.

These breathing exercises bring focus to the mind and emotions. Pranayam have been known as an effective yoga technique for years. Pranayam also has an excellent effect on your nervous system. By giving a boost to the nerves, these breathing exercises clear blockage in the circulatory system or heart.

Yoga experts recommend that you should practice these breathing techniques for 15-20 minutes a day. So, to help keep depression at bay, find a yoga guru and start your day on a healthy note by learning Pranayam breathing exercise techniques.

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Katherine said...

Along with my DS, age 4, being potential diagnosed with ADD/ADHD I see more of it in me, which I have read is very common.

I recently switch to Wellbruturin(sp.) 150 mg. to start. I am a female, age 36, and this is my fourth med. since post partum depression set in three years ago.

QUESTION: I can tell how much my irritability has decreased in a great way. Has there been any bad say on other cases of 36 yrs. females on Wellbruturin?