Monday, April 30, 2007

Enlisting the Help of an ADD Coach

Do you have a difficult time getting out of the door in the morning? Do you have problems with time management or procrastination? Many adults who struggle with these common ADD issues find that an ADD coach can help benefit life's daily tasks.

An ADD coach is goal oriented and will help provide approaches to solving daily problems. An ADD coach helps to identify goals and objectives, the reasons why these goals and objectives currently are not being met and then draw up an action plan to attain the goals.

In addition to developing customized strategies to achieve goals, the ADD coach will also assist their client in staying focused on their goals and help their client face obstacles and address core ADD issues such as organization, time management, and even self-esteem.

Most people with ADD benefit from setting priorities, defining goals, and allocating time on a weekly planner for each goal. Being able to keep in contact with a coach between sessions is crucial for clients who must adhere to a schedule until it becomes an established routine.

An ADD coach differs from life coaches in that an ADD coach knows the unique challenges that an adult with ADD faces both personally and professionally. While many life coaches follow standard methods and procedures, an ADD coach might develop systems that work uniquely for each client, to help the client use ADD to their advantage.

It is also noteworthy that those with accompanying ADD symptoms such as depression, anxiety disorders or addictions may benefit from traditional psychotherapy, despite ADD coaching advantages.

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Law of Attraction Mentor said...

A coach sounds like a wonderful idea. ADD individuals are chronically late and being accountable might help to reverse that tendency.

But how does one find an ADD coach? Would coaching via the internet or telephone still be effective for the ADD person?

Perhaps you could address this in the next blog post?