Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Free 411 Calls - Thanks Google!

Okay - I'll admit this is not health related. It is pretty cool though. Dial (800) GOOG-411 (That's 800-466-4411) from any phone to get 411 "Directory Assistance" at no charge. Free!

This is an experimental offering from Google at this point and only offers business listings. Hopefully this will expand to residential down the road.

The voice recognition is fantastic. During a test call, I asked for an oddly-named pizzeria in my town and I got the listing - no problem. On my second test call, I simply requested "pizza" after naming my city and state. It provided the top 8 pizza joints in my town.

I don't know about you, but I just hate paying that annoying $1 every time I need to call 411 for a phone number. I avoid it as much as possible but sometimes there's just no way around needing a number. Twice last week I needed to call 411. I made the first 411 call to find our local YMCA's telephone number after my 15-year-old left this voice mail on my cell phone; "Hey Mom. I'm at Y and my tire's flat. Can you pick me up?" Two days later I drove to a store, only to find that the business had moved. There I was dailing 411 again to find that business' phone number to find the new location.

A buck is a buck is a buck -- especially when they add up month after month. I was thrilled to stumble across this very cool little money saver this morning. I just love Google!

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