Monday, April 09, 2007

Looking for a Tutor?

By learning to read from ages four and up, children have better success in grades one to three. If their reading skills aren't up to par, a tutor may be needed to see your child succeed.

The same is true with mathmatics. Children can run into problems in middle school as math becomes more complicated and concepts begin to build on each other. If your child hasn't mastered the basics first, middle school math will be a problem. Again, a tutor is a good solution.

While many parents prefer their child have a private tutor, costs are as much as $35 an hour or more. Many parents today lean toward more institutional groups such as Sylvan Learning Center or Kumon to cut down on expenses.

For parents looking for an even more economical approach, the Boys and Girls Club can help with their volunteer mentors and tutors. Many local community centers offer after-school help for students. Many people find that a one-on-one relationship with a mentor or tutor works best for a child.

Schools often have a list of tutors or mentoring programs that are available in the area. You can also find tutors through the Yellow Pages or on CraigsList at Word-of-mouth is another great way to find a quality tutor.

Whether tutoring is private or offered in a free setting, the main objective is to get your child the necessary help he or she needs to stay ahead of the game.


Shelly Gupta said...

In the new world today, powered by technology, there exists another powerful solution to this situation. Online tutoring.

Online tutoring conducts its sessions, with the help of hi-end technology of whiteboards and voice. Other than hi-speed internet access, a student just needs the motivation to utilize this amazing option for his academic advancement.
Online tutoring because of its low cost advantage enables the parents to provide to their children a means to excel and perform their best. Parents no-longer have to compromise on private tutoring by looking for low-cost solutions like worksheets and workbooks. They can provide to their kids, a resource, a tutor for a fraction of what private tutoring costs today using online tutoring. They can also benefit from this concept as online tutoring takes away the hassle of scheduling and travel time. The best part of online tutoring is the high quality of tutors that the service provides to the children. It employs teachers who have at least a bachelor or a master’s degree in math or engineering and above all have a passion for working with kids.

Shelly Gupta

Anonymous said...

I’ve come across a number of online tutoring websites (e.g.,,,, etc.). Has anyone prepared a comparison of the various companies (pricing, quality, etc.)?