Monday, February 09, 2009

ADHD Adults Annually Lose 3 Weeks Worth of Work

A recent Harvard Medical School study found that an inability to concentrate leads to poor-quality output (no surprise) and excess days off work. From the result of this study, researchers stated that ADHD affects work performance even more than depression does.

"It's more persistent and severe than many mental disorders, and it results in more sick days, more accidents, and more problems interacting with colleagues,” said study co-author Ron Kessler, a professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Researchers conducted country-by-country ADHD diagnostic assessments on more than 7,000 adult workers and what they found was that those diagnosed with ADHD spent more than 22 fewer days per year working compared with non-ADHD workers.

This included an average of;
- More than 8 days of which ADHD employees said they could not carry out their routine tasks
- Almost 22 days with reduced productivity
- Nearly 14 days of reduced quality in the work they produced.

Researchers noted that many adult workers with ADHD may not know they have a problem. Kessler further noted that it might be a smart and profitable business move for employers to screen their workers for ADHD.

Do we really want employers to start screening for ADHD? I am not sure that is the best route to better productivity.

If you suspect that you might have Adult ADHD, take this online Adult Attention Deficit quiz.

If you have ADHD, you want to find a safe and effective treatment to help you better function in all areas of your life.

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