Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is Strattera Worse for European Kids?

It seems the list of warnings for Strattera purchased in Europe are far greater than when you purchase this ADHD drug in the US.

Strattera's European "Black Box" warning now include psychosis, hallucinations, mania and agitation. However, the US labels are void of these warnings. This does not mean the risk is any less real for Americans who take the drug? Hardly. Yet, the FDA seems to be dragging their feet when it comes to asking Eli Lilly to add yet another warning to their already warning-ridden label.

Strattera was introduced to the marketplace in 2003. Doctors began seeing a trend of mood destabilization shortly after its introduction.

In 2004 the FDA mandated updated labeling with a bolded warning about the potential for severe liver injury. The labeling warns that severe liver injury may progress to liver failure, resulting in death or the need for a liver transplant in a small percentage of patients.

In 2005 the FDA requested that an additional warning be added to the label of Stattera advising it may trigger suicidal thoughts in some children and adolescents.

In 2008 the European Straterra warnings included; “the risk of the onset or exacerbation of serious psychiatric disorders, including psychotic reactions, hallucinations, mania and agitation.” Aggression and hostility are already listed harmful effects of Strattera.

The European medical regulatory agency reviewed 34 cases of homicidal behavior and 2 cases of homicide in connection with Strattera. In 17 of the 34 cases – half - the homicidal behavior disappeared when Strattera was discontinued. In one case When the drug was re-administrated in one case, thoughts of murdering returned.

Murder, suicide, mayhem, aggression, liver failure and heart attacks – and this isn’t even naming all of the Straterra side effects. YIKES!

Do you really want your child on Strattera?

Look, there are many ADHD medications on the market and many effective non-drug treatments for ADHD too. Please exhaust all options before resorting to Strattera.

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