Thursday, September 03, 2009

Relieve Stress by Doing Good.

Did you know that you can relieve stress and feel great at the same time just by performing acts of kindness? It is all so very possible according to recent medical studies.

In a National Institutes of Health study, the brain activity of volunteers was measured who donated cash to different charities as part of a computer game. When they "gave" money to philanthropic organizations instead of "pocketing" it, a part of their brains was activated that produces the hormone oxytocin. According to one of the researchers, this is a hormone that leads to relaxation.

You don't have to empty your wallet to gain the effect of this beneficial brain produced hormone. You can get that same effect by simply performing a random act of kindness every day - like smiling at someone passing by. Or, how about volunteering at a library reading to children or serving at a soup kitchen every once in a while.

The benefits far outweigh the effort for a happier, less stressed out life.

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