Friday, June 17, 2005

FDA Tells Strattera Maker to Pull Misleading Commercial

The FDA has asked Strattera maker Eli Lilly to pull a recent television ad, deeming the ad “false or misleading because it inadequately communicates the indication for Strattera and minimizes the risks associated with Strattera.”

The 60-second television commercial was busy and distracting, with competing visuals, graphics and music presented at the same time the risk information and indication information was being presented.

As if someone with ADHD needs more stimuli thrown at them, especially when it concerns an important topic like drugs to treat the very symptoms the commercial addresses.

Additionally, the commercial implied a broader indication for the drug by promoting it as a treatment for ADD. Strattera is only approved to treat ADHD. Distractability, inattentiveness and inability to focus or concentrate are common symptoms of ADD. The hyperactivity and impulsive components of ADHD differentiate the two.

The pharmaceutical company complied with the FDA order, but denies wrongdoing.

Of course.

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