Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Neurontin Suicide Link

I received this email yesterday and, with the sender's permission, posted it. Just weeks prior we wrote a newsletter article addressing the link between Neurontin and Suicide.

My father had been taking Neurontin for approximately 18 months to treat side effects after suffering a stroke. He had never been a depressed person, even after having the stroke. He was very outgoing and active, especially with his Stroke Support Group he attended regularly. That is why we were shocked when we found my father very confused but thankfully alive after he attempted suicide by cutting his wrists using both hands leaving approxiamatly 20 scars on both wrists.(even though one hand does not work properly due to the stroke). After being admitted to the hospital and treated for 3 weeks, we found the effects of Neurontin was to blame for the sudden need to end his life. I need to know how to get this information out to people so this does not happen to others who are ill informed about the true side effects of this dangerous drug. Is this something you could help me with?

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