Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Simple Changes to Add 9 Years to Your Life

Here are four simple, health-happy lifestyle changes that pay big on living longer, and living better longer. Researchers at Loma Linda University in California studied the lifestyles of more than 34,000 Seventh-Day Adventists - a religious group known for their longevity and healthy lifestyle. You don't need to convert religions to reap the longevity benefits of this study; simply take on the lifestyle habits of this group. Below is a synopsis of lifestyle changes and the associated years gained because of the lifestyle.
_ Exercise vigorously three times per week; gain 2.1 years.
_ Eat nuts fiver times a week; gain 2.9 years.
_ Maintain a healthy weight; gain 1.5 years.
_ Eat a vegetarian-style diet; gain 2.4 years.

Quote of the Day: "It is a lesson which all history teaches wise men, to put trust in ideas, and not in circumstances." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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