Monday, August 27, 2007

Is 5 Minutes Enough Time to Diagnose ADD?

The reality is this; Most pediatricians are booked for two patients every 15 minutes. With about five of those minutes dedicated to paperwork, doctors have about five minutes to spend on each child.Can your doctor truly give an adequate ADD diagnosis in 5 minutes? It is the opinion of many that doctors simply cannot provide a diagnosis for an issue as intricate as Attention Deficit Disorder in a short amount of time.What the pediatricians often do with new mental health problems is guess what the problem is, write a prescription and then see if the medication works. This is time efficient for the doctor - they don't have to ask a lengthy series of questions.However, a child may have ADHD coupled with other issues like anxiety and depression that can worsen with stimulant medication. Or, the child might not have ADD at all but gets stuck with the label - and the drugs to go with it.If your doctor has not spent at least 15 to 20 minutes to thoroughly address your child's issue, it's time to either get a new doctor or demand the time an ADD diagnosis truly needs.

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