Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ritalin Affecting Chilldren's Brain's?

Somewhere around 2 and 18% of american kids are affected by ADHD, as well as Ritalin, which is a stimulant not unlike amphetamines or cocaine. Ritalin still is one of the most prescribed drugs for the behavioral disorder.The Weill Cornell Medical College animal study is is one of the first to research the effects of ritalin(methylphenidate) on the neurochemistry of the developing brain. They did this research on rats of course. "The changes we saw in the brains of treated rats occurred in areas strongly linked to higher executive functioning, addiction and appetite, social relationships and stress, said Professor Teresa Milner, the study's lead author. "These alterations gradually disappeared over time once the rats no longer received the drug." Physicians should be extrememly careful when diagnosing ADHD and before prescribing Ritalin,this is because whileRitalin may help to battle the disorder, it is also potentially harmful when given to young children with an overall healthy brain chemistry. The risks seem to outweigh the benefits sometimes huh.

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