Friday, July 22, 2005

Depression in Men

Men are from Mars, which explains why a men's depression symptoms are so
unlike women’s.

The symptoms of depression manifest themselves so differently in men that
the people that love them - and even themselves for that mater - often fail
to recognize the symptoms. The woman in depression will cry - and often. Men
just don’t go there. Society teaches boys that to cry or even to show
sadness is to show weakness. Men have become quite adept at bottling and
hiding their emotions.

Even if the man in your life does not open up and discuss their true
feelings, there are tell-tale signs of depression - if you know what to look

Does the man in your life displays some of the symptoms below;
- Behaves violently
- Has a lost interest in sex
- Avoids friends, family and other previously enjoyable activities
- Takes serious risks such as reckless or extramarital affairs
- Has difficulty thinking clearly
- Has trouble sleeping or sleeps more than usual
- Has excessive feelings of failure and/or guilt

Men are less likely to see treatment for depression. Men are also four times
more likely to ill themselves. Finding effective treatment is essential.

Exercise alone is a highly effective depression treatment. Medical therapy
helps about 50 percent of people with depression. Counseling also helps
about 50 percent of the time. Combining all three, along with using
alternative depression treatments like Deprex, provides a well-rounded
treatment plan that approached healing from many angles.

Jut remember, depression is not a character flaw and it is nothing to be
ignored. The first step to healing is to recognize the presence of
depression, muster the courage to address depression and seek help in
finding the joy in life again.

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