Tuesday, July 12, 2005


International Medical Veritas Association

The march/rally on Washington to protest the use of
thimerosal in vaccines is only the opening confrontation in what
will be a long campaign to free the world from the yoke of
pharmaceutical terrorism. There is nothing civilized about the fact
that all over the world the medical establishment is injecting
poison (thimerosal/mercury) into young children and getting away
with it by denying there is anything wrong with doing so. As long as
it continues and we allow it to continue we are card carrying
members of the human race that condones the poisoning of its young.
We might as well be a part of an African tribe that performs
Clitoridectomy (genital mutilation) of its young girls or those of
ancient times who would sacrifice their young to the gods. Today we
sacrifice our babies to the medical gods whose benefit vs. risk
philosophies justify the continued sacrifice. As long as our
children do not die of infectious diseases medical officials seem
content. They could care less, it seems, if they die from vaccines
or live a life of gross disability because of the toxins in
vaccines. Their hearts are closed and strapped in steel because they
will not even entertain the possibility that vaccines are dangerous
enough to maim and kill.

Until a "hard-core, pissed-off bunch of people"[i] get
together to force medical officials off their thrones medicine will
continue with the type of activities that were born in the thirties
in Nazi Germany, in their hospitals and later in their concentration
camps. Is it acceptable to allow them to continue a few days, months
or years longer with this human obscenity of injecting nerve poisons
into babies? Even the 'good' politicians think it is acceptable for
the laws being passed on the state level are not putting an absolute
stop to the madness. The New York State Legislature passed an act
that, beginning in mid-2008, would prohibit further sale or use of
the mercury compound thimerosal in vaccines for children younger
than 3, and for inoculating pregnant women. So until then the
barbaric process will continue even though the evidence is piling up
that children can and will get hurt tommorrow. Isn't this a little
like telling a rapist or child molester it is all right to continue?
As long as it is doctors doing the abusing our civilization deems it

Who would have extended the medical experiments in the
concentration camps a few months or years longer? Tragically we
discover that the former board of directors of several of today's
pharmaceutical companies would surely have had such experiments
continued, for they were the ones who built the place that brought
hell to earth in the first place.[ii] Actually it all started long
before Hitler was ever born, started with the toxic preservatives in
foods at the end of the 1800s. It started even before that with the
sugar slave trade. Vast amounts of money are made poisoning people.
It's an obscene way to make money. It is simply an abomination of
human nature. But it is a popular thing to do and has made certain
men and women fantastically wealthy. In 1816 Thomas Jefferson
wrote, "I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our
moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government
to a trial of strength and to bid defiance to the laws of their
country." The bane of corporate capitalism is the insane greed that
drives people to destroy human life and natural environments.
Corporate capitalism is already responsible for more death and
disease then all the communist madmen put together. Through the
centuries this greed and wealth has bred a group of men and women
who are true abominations, people who bring terror to earth tearing
the fabric of humanity, destroying what it means to be a caring
compassionate human being. These are the people we are trusting with
our children's lives. Are we insane?

When we buy into the paradigm that justifies the poisoning
of babies we defeat the nature of good by joining the dark side
giving it power to defeat us. We do this when accept the reasoning
behind childhood immunizations. Poki Stewart Mankung from the public
health department of Santa Cruz County says vaccines are crucial for
our children. "We, in the United States, have had the unprecedented
fortune to have lived these past 50 or so years in a period when
common, devastating childhood diseases essentially became extinct."
Mankung would like us to share his belief that this would not have
been the same case without the vaccines. And he would also like us
to forget that a new disaster is happening. Instead of kids falling
from infectious diseases they are falling from chronic diseases,
which are no less devastating than infectious ones. Mankung would
not like anyone to know that vaccines themselves are, in part,
responsible for much of the increase in chronic diseases and a tidal
wave of human misery. A careful study of the dangers of vaccines
would clearly lead one to think differently then Mankung. In reality
vaccines are crucial for your children to stay away from because
they contain neurotoxic poisons and because they were created and
are produced by the very people who built the Auschwitz
Concentration Camp.

Just fifteen years after they were convicted in the Nuremberg
War Crimes Tribunal,
Bayer, BASF and Hoechst (Aventis) were again the architects of
the next major human rights
offences. In 1962, they established the Codex Alimentarius
Commission. All these men
were quickly let out of prison only to join up with the
pharmaceutical companies again.

People who would have mercury injected into your baby's body
are not exactly the kind of people to trust with your baby's life.
Poisoning has a long tradition in the United States as in Germany.
And though the mercury story and the use of thimerosal in vaccines
is a terrible part of it, it is not the only issue when it comes to
chemical poisoning. For instance, American soldiers who entered POW
camps at the end of World War II found stockpiles of fluoride stored
near the water supply. When they asked what the fluoride was used
for, they were told that the Germans used the substance as an
additive to the prisoners' water, to make them docile.[iii] This is
the first known incidence of intentionally fluoridating drinking
water. Though most of the countries of the world have rejected
fluoridation not so the Americans, who seem to have a passion for
poisoning their own.

The American government seems to have a tendency to treat its
own people as if they were enemies of the state. The government
doesn't protect its citizens it poisons them on a massive scale with
aspartame and MSG and a line up of chemicals a mile long. Let's stop
pretending that they do not know what they are doing. The American
government made a huge mistake though, in the early 1990s when they
tripled the amount of mercury injected directly into baby's bodies
and now the cat is out of the bag and more and more people are
realizing that they cannot count on their doctors or their
government to protect the lives of their young.

Poison was normally chosen as a weapon to kill through the
ages because poison was not traceable like an arrow in the back. But
now the tracks are clear and scientists from all over the world
point to this vast increase in mercury that clearly exceeded FDA,
EPA and the World Health Organization's limit for what is tolerable
to human biosystems. So the FDA, the CDC, the entire medical
establishment as well as the pharmaceutical companies are caught
holding responsibility for poisoning a generation of children with
mercury. It is fifteen years later and we are just starting to roar,
just starting to say no, just starting to wake up from our drugged
stupor to realize we are being had by professionals who lie to the
public as well as themselves.

In the vaccine arena we are dealing with one of the most
carefully constructed money making machines ever put together.
After two hundred years of people battling about this the winning
side is not about to roll over and play dead, plead for mercy, or
concede that they were dead wrong. It will be very interesting to
see what manifests in Washington on the 20th but we must remember
real success will come when the very idea that anything justifies
the poisoning of one more child is thrown down. More children have
died from vaccines then there are medical officials in the world and
more children have been struck down with autistic spectrum disorders
then there are doctors in the world.

In a world where we think nothing of buying toothpaste for
our children with poison in it, with fluoride, what can we

Yes we have to understand that there are multiple causes of
autism spectrum disorders but in understanding those causes it
becomes clear what the primary cause is - mercury poisoning.
Everyone in the world is actually being poisoned with mercury when
you realize that about 10,000 or more tons are being released, one
way or another, into the human biosphere each year. We are being
terribly slow in stopping the poisoning and we are going to pay a
terrible price for this.

Vaccination is actually a key battleground in the fight
against the deliberate poisoning of humanity and if we allow mercury
in childhood vaccinations we really have no hope to stop it in
general. We have literally lost the war against the bad guys leaving
them in such power that they have no shame to poison children. They
have left us splintered and confused and divided in our objections,
thus weak and impotent. Instead of winning what needs to be won they
have us compromising on vaccine questions joining with the enemy in
celebrating the wonderfulness of their ghastly designs that have
everyone jumping up and down saying how wonderful childhood
immunizations are.

For so much less we have seen huge investigations. Watergate
and Contragate riveted the nation but for our children we have done
little. It is my guess that the marchers on Washington will be
ignored or ridiculed, as Robert Kennedy is now being, and the real
issues ignored as usual. I hope I am wrong but certain lessons only
come the very hard way and what I am saying is that when you play
around with vaccine issues, ignoring or denying any part of the
whole picture, weakness is displayed and everything is lost. Yes we
can focus on the mercury issue but too narrow a focus will defeat
the very purpose of protecting our children from being hurt by the
medical industrial complex.

It is encouraging to hear from Washington that there are
still humans who care about our children. That was made evident this
week when a new federal law was passed that bars states and schools
from keeping students out of class in cases when parents disagree
with a recommendation to medicate a child. There is reason to
celebrate that school officials will no longer have the upper hand
in deciding whether children should be given Ritalin or other
controlled substances. Yet that does not atone for the people and
organizations which have turned the government into the largest
terrorist organization on earth. Perhaps the government can begin to
redeem itself and cut the FDA and the CDC off from itself like one
would cut a gangrened arm or leg.

When I was a young boy, my father taught me that you kill a
by cutting off its head -- not by grabbing hold of one scale on
its body or
grabbing its tail. To that end, I champion the death of all the
and greed-driven entities, be they governments, corporations,
or individuals who, in the name of the "greater good,"
physically harm,
maim and/or destroy others to satisfy their greed and/or lust
for power.

Dr. Paul King

"There's tremendous profit in promoting the death-dealing
lifestyles that many of us lead. You may not believe it, but the
leading promoters of our destructive lifestyles are the United
States government, the food and drug industries, and the medical
community." wrote the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, in his
book "A Torchlight for America", in the section called "The
Merchants of Death."

Vaccines are at the center of all this because it takes the
massive poisoning down to the level of the newborn baby. The battle
has to be won for the babies first and then we can move on to saving
humanity from a side of itself that should never have come into
being. "This is a battle between 'We the People', and the free
world's biggest and worst enemy - ever - "Big Pharma," and we're
just getting started with the counter-attack," writes Tim Bolen. I
hope some people going to Washington make some signs saying STOP
this first demonstration will be nice; people trying to be nice
though they do not feel nice and are not up against nice people at

It is through the childhood immunization schedule that we
see the worst but it is only the tip of the iceberg. The government
poisons not only its citizens' young but its soldiers on the
battlefield, with enriched Uranium soon after threatening soldiers
with court marshals if they do not take enough vaccine shots to kill
a horse. And now the US government wants to get a few more million
kids on antidepressant drugs after it diagnoses them for mental
illness. Let us hope that a sleeping giant is just starting to awake
and human history will see a demonstration of indignation the world
has never seen before.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association

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