Monday, July 18, 2005

Simple Ways to Deal with Stress

Hey moms - are you STRESSED? Here are strategies for dealing with and reducing stress:

Exercise. Any kind of physical activity helps to reduce stress and provides a release for anger.

Eat well. Limit caffeine and alcohol; eat a balanced diet.

Deep breathing. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly. Let the breath out slowly.

Stretch. Practice simple stretches such as rolling your head in a half circle.

Get enough sleep. Establish a regular sleep pattern.

Laugh. See a funny movie, go to a comedy club, joke with friends.

Cry. Crying can be as good a release as laughing. Talk with a friend, mate or child. Express feelings you might be holding in.

Build a success file. Remind yourself of your accomplishments.

Visualize. Keep focused on the future. Visualize yourself happy.

Journal. Writing is a great way to order your thoughts and to see progress over time.

Limit negative influences. This may include limiting news watching or other television shows that are pessimistic.

Get out of the house. Be with friends or family. Don't isolate yourself.

Consider involvement in a social cause. Focusing on others can bring a sense of fulfillment.

Find a counselor or support group. If you need help untangling your feelings, call for help.

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